Dogs are incredibly intelligent and social animals and it is important they receive exercise and stimulation every day to keep them fit, happy and healthy. This is not always possible with the pressures of everyday life; this is where a dog walker comes in!

We like to walk our own dogs up in the hills every day - we live in a beautiful area and it would be a shame for the dogs to miss out on the sights and smells! Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise to a dog. Letting them have a good sniff around exercises their brains as well.

I offer group and solo dog walks depending on availability and what suits your dog. Some dogs are not suited for group walks for a wide variety of reasons.

Our walks are generally in the Blackdown Hills and are for an hour. If your dog is on a solo I can do more or less time based on your dog’s needs. We explore on our walks and go off the beaten track, the dogs do get muddy and have a great time. I have a sprayer set up in my van to wash dogs down at the end of a walk and have a bottle of fox poo shampoo on hand for those pups who enjoy something a little more fragrant to roll in!

On every walk, I take a good supply of Feelwells Healthy Natural Training Treats, water (in warmer weather), a dog first aid kit and, as a responsible dog walker, plenty of poo bags!

As with any reputable dog walker who walks multiple dogs, my vehicle has been customised to allow me to safely travel a group of dogs. All dogs are travelled separately in the van unless they are from the same household and can travel safely together. My van has custom cages that have individually lockable tailgates and escape hatches to allow for access in the event that the boot cannot be opened.

My vehicle is also fully air-conditioned so the dogs are comfortable travelling in all weathers. I do not provide walks in hot weather - walks are either moved to the morning or changed to drop-ins to protect the dogs.

My first visit will be to your house to get to know you and your dog. During this visit, I will ask questions, take notes and generally familiarise myself with your dog and their needs. This visit is free of charge.


£13 per hour for 1 dog, an extra £3 for any additional dogs from the same household. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.