We walk dogs

Stretch Their Legs is a dog walking and animal services provider based in Wellington, Somerset. I am passionate about animals and their care, and recognise that with the busy lives of today everyone needs a little help - be it walking their dog or making sure their small furries have fresh food and water.  I can provide all of these services and more.  I am experienced with all kinds of domestic animal pet care from hamsters and mice to cats and dogs, and everything in between, even some exotics like pygmy hedgehogs and snakes.

I understand how important it is to have implicit trust in your dog walker, we are taking care of a family member after all! I can provide solo and group walks (limited to 4 dogs) and always try to take them somewhere varied and interesting.

I know that every dog has its own personality, some are playful, some are aloof, some are confident explorers and some have fear and anxiety issues. I have experience with multiple types of dog personalities, especially anxious and reactive dogs and do everything I can to accommodate all dogs with regard to where, when and with whom I walk them. Getting the right mix of dogs on a walk is vitally important to ensure safety and that everyone has a good time.

To maintain high standards as a dog walker I’m fully insured, DBS checked and level 2 qualified in Canine First Aid. I also believe in keeping up to date with legislation and training and am constantly updating my knowledge with training and seminars.


As well as providing the following services, I recognise that everyone is an individual and will have requirements that may not fit these services exactly. Please contact me to discuss your circumstances and I will try to arrange a bespoke package for you.