What we offer

Below we have listed our services and prices.  We recognise that everyone is an individual and will have requirements that may not fit these services exactly. Please contact us to discuss your circumstances and we will be able to arrange a bespoke package for you.

For all services we will ask you to sign an authorisation form for your vet should any animal require veterinary attention.  Our staff are level 2 qualified in Canine First Aid and have experience providing basic treatment to horses, dogs, degus, mice, hedgehogs and other animals.

Dog Walking

Dogs are incredibly intelligent and social animals and it is important they receive exercise and stimulation every day to keep them fit, happy and healthy.  We realise this is not always possible with the pressures of everyday life and this is where we come in!

We won't walk more than 4 dogs at any one time to ensure your dogs are safe and we comply with all local regulations. We can also provide walks just for dogs from the same household, this way we can give your dogs our utmost attention.

We like to walk our own dogs up in the hills everyday - we live in a beautiful area and it would be shame for the dogs to miss out on the sights and smells!  Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise to a dog and letting them have a good sniff around exercises their brains.

We like to walk on the Blackdowns but please let us know if you'd prefer them to walk elsewhere. If your dog’s recall is patchy walks will be on lead for your own peace of mind and ours!  We aim to walk dogs for an hour but can do more or less based on your dog’s needs.

Dogs will be dogs and they will get wet and muddy and generally have a great time (as will we!).  Whilst all efforts are made to clean them up and towel them off, we do request there is an area to leave them if they come back damp.

Our first visit will be to your house to get to know you and your dog.  At this visit we will ask questions, take notes and generally familiarise ourselves with your dog and their needs.  This visit is free of charge.


£12 per hour for 1 dog, extra £3 for any additional dogs from the same household. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Home visits

It’s inevitable that at some point you will need to be away from home for longer than normal periods of time. As a pet owner it’s a concern to leave your pets and you will want the best care for them in your absence.  We provide a drop in service for all animals to make sure they are happy and comfortable while you can’t be with them.

We provide home visits / drop ins for all animals.  If you have a mixed animal household we will generally just charge the one rate rather than a confusing combination!

For dogs we provide a half hour toilet break, playtime, water and health check at £8 or a full hour of interaction, garden time and cuddles for £10.

For small furries, which incorporates everything from cats to mice we charge £5 for a visit in Wellington and £8 up to a 5 mile radius.  If you are going on holiday and your pets will require a full clean out of their living space please contact us to discuss, we can usually cover this in the cost of the per day visit.  We will check food, water, cleanliness and health.

Where we walk