Home visits


Home visits

It’s inevitable that at some point you will need to be away from home for longer than normal periods of time. As a pet owner it’s a concern to leave your pets and you will want the best care for them in your absence. I provide a drop in service for all animals to make sure they are happy and comfortable while you can’t be with them.

I provide home visits / drop ins for all animals. If you have a mixed animal household I will generally just charge the one rate rather than a confusing combination!


For dogs I provide a half hour toilet break, interaction/play, cuddles, water refresh, feed and health check at £8.

For small furries, which incorporates everything from cats to mice we charge £5 for a pop in visit. If you would like a full half hour, especially for cats, then it is £8. If you are going on holiday and your pets will require a full clean out of their living space please contact us to discuss, we can usually cover this in the cost of the per day visit. We will check food, water, cleanliness and health.