My Family


Species: Dog

Waffles was our first rescue dog. We adopted her in October 2015 as a skinny, dirty, 9kg puppy from Romania. She is a beautiful, funny creature and is also the loudest, most demanding dog I have ever met. We wouldn’t change her though. Her favourite thing in the world is walking up on Blackdown and Sampford Commons/Culmstock Beacon and Culm Davy woods. She adores running through woods and snuffling through the gorse and bracken. Like a true street dog she sleeps on our bed and cries if we don’t give her a spot on the sofa, she also sleeps best after being tucked in with a blankie. All of our walks are Waffle approved, we only walk where there is limited to no contact with livestock and preferably where they can run off lead safely.


Species: Dog

Molly is Waffles’ sister. She came over at the same time as Waffles but went to another family. The family was not a good match for Molly and she came back to the rescue. When we saw she had been given up we adopted her so she could be reunited with her sister. Molly is very different to Waffles in personality and looks, she is incredibly playful and loving at home but is a nervous dog outside. She was very afraid of men when we adopted her and it took a long time for her to trust Ben, she now loves him and goes crazy when he gets home from work. She can still be very wary of men she doesn’t know and does not like to be touched by people she doesn’t know. Molly is reactive, especially to certain other breeds of dog (with the exception of spaniels - she adores spaniels) but this is improving. She has come so far from the traumatised dog that came back to the rescue. Molly is my soulmate, she loves lie-ins and is happy to have a pyjama day when the weather is miserable!


Species: Degu

Degus are a social animal and should live in groups, we sadly lost our other degus to old age and do not want to put Eve through the stress of new introductions or rehoming as she is an old girl. She has a stuffed Guinea Pig toy, known as Guinea Pillow, who she cuddles up to and lots of enrichment in her cage. Degus are diurnal and make great pets for children, they can be trained and are very intelligent. They all have different personalities and are very funny to watch. They do require a strict diet as they cannot process sugar and are prone to diabetes. Please research degus and either adopt or buy from a breeder rather than from a pet shop.

Mr Pricklesworth

Species: African Pygmy Hedgehog

Mr P as he is affectionately known, is an African Pygmy Hedgehog (APH). He is now 6 years old and we’ve owned him since he was 8 weeks old. There are many images of cute and cuddly APHs on the internet, Mr P is not one of these! He is very grumpy and doesn't really want cuddles or contact despite being well socialised. As with all humans and animals hedgehogs have their own personalities, some are friendly and seek out interaction and others are solitary. APHs are not easy pets to look after and many are given up each year after being bought with no research. They require a proper setup with a wheel and heating, a diet of dry cat food is recommended and a blend of foods with the right protein and fat content should be found. They can also have some fruits and vegetables and of course insects. Cutting a hedgehog's nails is an experience in itself, as is scrubbing off the poop boots and getting the poo off their quills - not for the fainthearted! Their quills hurt and can cause a mild skin reaction, and they can bite so they are not really a suitable pet for children. If you are considering a hedgehog as a pet please contact a rescue or reputable breeder and don’t buy from an unregistered breeder.


Species: Human

Ben is a full time software enginer/web developer/all round computer genius. He designed and built my website for me and deals with all the technical aspects, including fixing my sprayer. He is a keen runner and is hoping to get Waffles interested in Canicross!